Karoliina Luoto

Lead consultant, change facilitator, coach

Lean and agile coaching, facilitating transformations, teal, product management, development leadership

LinkedIn: Karoliina Luoto

Karoliina Luoto is a coach and consultant who specializes in successful development leadership, human-centric ways of working and product ownership. Modern Agile, Lean, Teal, Scrum and scaled methodologies are handy tools, but the core of improvement is better everyday worklife and bigger customer value.

Karoliina was also in charge of Codento’s cultural change for collaborative decision making. For this purpose, Codento is practicing Sociocracy 3.0 patterns.

Karoliina facilitates and speaks across Europe, lately for example in Scan Agile seminars and in Social Tools conference. Methodology development is close to Karoliina’s heart, so she’s heavily involved with the Finnish methodology translations and agile coach camps. She is a facilitator with wide experience from online workshops to national strategy processes.

Karoliina has a long history in developing digital services. She has focused on concepts and user experience in various positions in development organisations, digital communication and marketing. On free time you can bump into Karoliina around the Buusti peer-mentoring communities, in the mountainside freeskiing or in the woods on a mountain bike.