Agile Methodologies and Lean

Agile and lean methodologies can be used more broadly than just in software development. When working genuinely in a lean or agile way the employees know what creates value for the customer, are able to continuously learn and can adjust their work methods accordingly.

No methodology is healthy when forced on a project. The most important point is to have a working set of procedures which everyone can effortlessly follow. Project procedures help the client to focus on business-driven requirements, bring transparency and predictability between the client and the development team and help to communicate. When implemented well, almost any project method can achieve this.

Codento’s choice is the lean approach and in software development Scrum, Kanban or their applications. We coach and consult clients, development teams and whole organizations in using these methodologies.

Lean is all about concentration and continuous learning

Lean is about recognizing what brings real value to the customer or the user and what is unnecessary to the core functions. It is important to actively maintain and improve the agreed way of producing added value – and stop doing things that don’t create added value. Operational environments are constantly evolving and learning is done through doing. It pays off to utilize this in continuously improving the working methods. Codento is able to take responsibility for leaning up your whole business from software development to organizing the business. We can either help you in the beginning of your journey, when the basis for working, contracts and methods is created (5s, measuring, daily management system) or improve the processes that are already in use (Kaizen, SixSigma, improvement and coaching Kata).

Product Owner in the key role

The daily-basis client project lead a.k.a Product Owner is in the key role in terms of project success. The Product Owner ensures, together with the development team, that the developed features have optimal business value and that user and stakeholder feedback is properly taken into account. The role is demanding, and that is why we are prepared to help. Codento can provide coaching for product owners throughout the project or – taking it to the next level – bring in a certified Technical Product Owner to help the Business Product Owner.

Business analysis, prototyping, agile purchasing

In different points of the digital product life cycle, agility means different things. Codento can help in product business case analysis and product visioning, and in testing the vision by prototyping. We have helped dozens of organizations as a neutral consultant in agile purchasing or agile client-supplier collaboration.

Agility on different organization levels

Agile does not end with the development team. A key factor for success is to get the steering work and decision-making to work together with the project level.  Agile and lean are at their best when they are used throughout the organization. We can help to find the right communication and management tools between different project cultures and hierarchy layers, and to divide riskily large projects into smaller iterative phases.

Software vision canvas

When starting software development, it is essential to check we are starting to do the right thing – a sensible, economical solution that gives actual value to the user. Download the Codento vision canvas free of charge for compiling your software vision.