IT Architecture

When IT architecture is at a turning point or you are facing a significant IT strategy or product choice, a second opinion helps. Codento architecture consultants audit existing software products from various perspectives, analyze the future needs of the organization and its clients, draw alternative road maps and inspect the existing market for different options, their sustainability and risks.

Life cycle costs and business options in the searchlight

Cohesive architecture understanding helps in understanding the life cycle costs, optimizing them and indentifying the risks in different options. Sometimes it is even more essential to realize the novel business or process opportunities implied by the technical solutions.

Open horizons by systemic view

A successful IT architecture simplifies the complex. It disambiguates requirements and potential complexity and channels creativity to genuinely difficult problems where it’s needed.

Experienced IT architects provide solutions

Codento’s IT architects are experienced experts, who have seen dozens of software development projects, their problems and solutions. With tested expertise, complicated decision-making situations can be calmed and clarified. Often the Codento assignments end up with solutions even to the issues which were only found in the course of the project.

Business needs lead the way

The turning points of IT architecture are often caused by developing business needs or altering market situation for the technical solutions on the business area. Codento senior consultants are able to facilitate between different clients and different parts of the organization without making harmful compromises.

No irrelevant software development

Even though Codento does software development, our lean approach guides us to evaluate its nesseccity critically. The world is changing increasingly into the direction where customized applications coexist with products and SaaS solutions, even inside one IT architecture. Instead of developing new software it’s often more useful to combine ready-made solutions in a fresh way and perhaps build a new, attractive user interface for the combination. Often it’s not sensible to develop software unless the goal is very unique or there’s a commercial need for a head start in a market. Codento consultants say this out loud.