Lean Software Development

When you wish to lean up your business with agile software development, that is to find new value for your customers and remove waste, we can provide you a team at a day rate. We create maintainable code that provides business value, with rights owned by the customer.

Committed senior developers

When the developers use their brains and care about the code, the result is sustainability and quality. Codento developers are accomplished in software development and experienced change agents for client organizations.

Customer owns the code

One of our core principles is that code is owned by the customer. In practice all the code produced is saved continuously in a version control environment chosen by the customer, for example Github. This way Codento avoids creating vendor lock-ins.

Continuous development

80 % of software life cycle expenses are created in the further development phase – we want to reduce this. Codento aims at secure code which is still running effortlessly 15 years from now. This is achieved with continuous integration, test automation and code reviewing, but above all with developer commitment to quality.

Lean and agile procedures when appropriate

When given the choice, we do agile development with a lean focus. Scrum is necessary when the team is large and the product owner new. Our preferred maintenance method is Kanban. Lean thinking is always present: we try to focus on the things that are essential for the business and minimize the waste. However, the most important thing is to find procedures where the customer and other stakeholders feel at ease. This is why methods are chosen case by case, always valuing transparency and predictability.

Modern technologies and more

We build top-notch technical solutions with scalable and open architectures. Let’s start by turning your business need into a product vision and figure out what metrics to use to track success.

Standing by the customer

Buying software development projects is demanding, and we understand this. If needed, we are able to support and coach your agile product ownership and give guidance in leaning up your whole organization.

Software vision canvas

When starting software development, it is essential to check we are starting to do the right thing – a sensible, economical solution that gives actual value to the user. Download the Codento vision canvas free of charge for compiling your software vision.